This Terms of Service is the service provided for Members (refer to Article 1) through the online bar application "Crisp" (hereinafter "Service") operated by Spread One Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "our company") . By using this Service, you agree to the Terms of Service.

Article 1 Definition of terms

Followings are definitions of terms used in Terms of Service.

1,“Service” means any service provided in “Crisp”

2,"Terms of Service" means "Terms of service for Crisp".

3,"Service Applicant" is a user who wishes to use this Service and willing to register as a member.

4,"Member" means the user who have received user approval from our company by entering and submitting the required information for using Service. By completing the member registration, they have agreed to the “Terms of Service”.

5,"Premium Plan" means the user who have been approved by our company through agreeing to the contents of our premium plan by entering and submitting required information.

6,"Friends" refers to users who are already friends on SNS service and facebook, or have accepted the friend request by applying through name search or ID search.

7,“Crisp member"refers to members who gave approvals to talk with other than “Friends” by responding the displayed message “Can we talk?”.

Article 2 Service outline

This Service is a community service which provides online bar where members who are away from each other can share a drinking place (including cases where alcohol is not involved) and enjoy the conversation. "Friends" members can freely message, voice call and video call with each other. Also, among "Crisp members" who approved each other to contact, exchange of messages becomes available. Furthermore, if they gave a permission to talk, voice and video calls will also be available.

Article 3 Service setting

1.We restrict users to be at least 20 years of age to create an account to use this Service. By accessing Service, Service applicants agree to be authenticated with our regulations.

2.Service applicant must be at least 20 years of age to create an account and provide the information for Service’s verification purpose. Service applicant needs to be verified based on the information provided before using the Service.

3.You understand and agree that we may monitor or review any content you post to prevent any violation to this agreement. Without any notice, we may remove or delete any content, in whole or in part, that in our sole judgment violates this agreement. We may terminate your account at any time without notice if it believes that you have violated this agreement.

Article 4 Purpose of using personal information and profile details

By creating an account, you understand that we may use your provided data for following purposes;

1.Allowing you to communicate with other Members and to prevent under age users to sign up the Service. Also, to provide Crisp-related information.

2.Survey and marketing research propose to provide and improve your experience with Crisp

3.To notify any major changes which may affect to carry out our daily Service operations or entire suspension of Service.

4.We will not disclose your personal information to third-party unless following conditions.

- We share your personal data to improve your Crisp experience with technical service providers as well as marketing and advertising partners for statistical purpose.

- We may share the collected data and statistical analysis with third-party but only in a pseudonymized format.

5.By creating an account, you grant us your permission to share the provided personal data as stated in this Terms of Service.

6.You agree that upon using specific Services, you will be asked to provide ID to proof that you are over 20 years of age.

7.In the event that our company incurs expenses related to complaints from third parties due to Member’s violated acts, the corresponding Member is solely responsible for cost of damages and any other related payments (including attorneys fees paid by us).

8.You may disclose, edit or terminate your account information at any time by requesting to do so. As soon as we validate your identification, we will correspond accordingly.

Please contact customer support at

Article 5 Prohibited acts

Members shall not perform the acts listed below. In the event that we acknowledge Member’s violation, we will delete the contents of the violation, suspend the use of all or part of this Service, and other consequences that our company deems appropriate will apply.

1.Sending out contents that is positively accepting, provoking or promoting to kill, abuse or suicide through messages, voice call or video chat.

2.Posting, making voice and video calls on contents or images of extremely cruel or violent expressions.

3.Expressing contents or intentions that are considered as harmful and dangerous through posting and using call application.

4.Sexually harassing or intimidating other members though messaging, voice and video calls or posting.

5.Posting or calling on contents or intended contents that are considered as humiliating or uncomfortable for others.

6.Sending messages or using call application to express the contents that may harass, insult or infringe other member’s or third party’s rights.

7.Revealing other member’s personal information without his/her permission through posting, messaging and voice and video calls.

8.Expressing or promoting discrimination based on race, ethics, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, clinical history, education or personal assets

9.Infringing or possibly infringing trademark rights, copyrights, intellectual property rights; such as moral rights of authors or personal privacy rights through posting, messaging and making calls.

10.Promote, solicit or encourage crimes including but not limited to illegal drugs, illegal weapons such as firearms and guns, manufacturing explosives, prostitution, offering child pornography, counterfeiting official documents, murder, harming others, fraud, theft and violating other laws and regulations through messaging, posting or voice and video calls.

11.Expressing contents which considered as socially harmful, including but not limited to recommending, accepting or promoting criminal or other law violating acts.

12.Child targeted fraudulent induction by using online dating business, or procuring child prostitution to members.

13.Using this Service for prostitution purpose.

14.A stalking act that may cause fear to the other Members.

15.Pre-election campaign, election campaign or similar related acts, and acts that violate public election law.

16.Sending messages or using call application to express the contents that violates laws or public order and morals.

17.Commercial act without our consent.

18.Messaging or using call applications for buying, selling or exchanging of goods or services for both profitable or non-profitable purpose. Sharing information, posting announcements or solicitation for those goods or services are also prohibited.

19.Assigning the right to use a part of this Service to another party.

20.Exchanging transactions with cash or other form of assets, or acts of transaction promotion, announcement, or solicitation by using the rights of all or part of the Service

21.Impersonating other Members.

22.Deceiving current affiliation or the past organizations you belonged to.

23.Seeking solicitation, propagation, donation to religious organizations or organizations that can be considered similar.

24.Money transactions between Members.

25.Other acts that we deem inappropriate.

Article 6 Transferring to Premium Plan, Payment and Cancellation

Crisp lets you do messaging, call and video call between Members for free. Reviewing and matching with other Members who are not on your “Friends List” are also available for free of charge but limited to its service. We have Premium Plan Membership for those who would like to enjoy all the features on Crisp.

1.Premium plan members will pay the Premium Plan Membership fee monthly.

2.Payment can be made by AppStore or GooglePlay.

3.The premium plan will become active from the month you applied and will be automatically renewed monthly at the end of every month.

4.When canceling the premium plan, the fee will occur til the month you canceled.

5.Cancellation of the premium plan needs to be proceeded at least 24 hours before the end of month by following the certain procedure.

Article 7 Deleting account

1.In the event that a member intends to stop using this Service, members shall notify us by following cancellation procedures.

2.In the case of notifying the member cancellation to our company, Members who are using paid services, if the fee is already occurred, payment will be processed. We will not refund any past payments.

3.When Member delete his/her membership, any information registered on this Service will be deleted including photos and friends’ information. We do not hold any liability on this.

Article 8 Suspension and termination of Service

1.We have the right to suspend all or part of our Service for the reasons listed below. We will not take any responsibility of damage which may have caused to the members or third parties due to the suspension or termination of this Service.

2.Periodical or at an arbitrary timing maintenance, inspection or updates with the computer system to provide this Service.

3.In a case where service management cannot operate due to an emergency such as fire, blackout, natural disasters, etc.

4.When the operation cannot continue to provide the Service due to war, civil war, riots, noise, labor disputes, etc.

5.In a case where this service can not be provided due to a malfunction of the computer system for providing the Service, or illegal access from a third party or computer virus infection.

6.In the case that this Service can no longer be provided due to legal issues.

7.In the case where we had to decide to stop the Service.

8.When stopping the operation of this Service according to the above-mentioned reasons, we will notify the members in advance through the Service. However, in case of emergency, this may not be applicable.

9.We can suspend or terminate all or part of this Service by notifying the members in advance through this Service. In addition, we will not take any responsibility of damage which may have caused to the members or third parties due to the suspension or termination of this Service.

Article 9 Service modification

1.We reserve the right to modify or terminate the Service for any reason, without notice, at any time.

2.We are not responsible of damage which may have caused to the members due to the modification of this service.

Article 10: Service inquiry

1.Please make an inquiry through the inquiry form in “Help”.

2.We have no obligation to reply the inquiry regardless of the contents.

Article 11 Disclaimer

1.We accept no liability for any indirect or consequential loss or damage or for any loss of data, or that are related to the use of this Service.

2.The members themselves are responsible for any troubles caused by communicating with other members whether on the Service or outside of the Service. However we reserve the right to monitor and, if necessary, terminate the malicious members who may be in violation of this Terms of Service in order to cater a safe environment, fair management and to improve the Service.

3.When member's profile information or personal information was disclosed on other online service operated by a third party due to member’s troubles, unauthorized access between members or virus infection of mobile phone, the responsibility lays on members. We have no liability for the matter.

Article 12: Revision of Terms of Service

1.You acknowledge and accept that we may alter this Terms of Service from time to time.

2.If we do make any alternation in Terms of Service, the updated version will be notified to the members through our Service.